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School Tours

School Tours

The educational work of the Cathedral is seen as an important and developing area with a great deal to offer. Over the past few years we have welcomed numerous groups of young people from all over Cumbria, together with others from many parts of Britain and abroad.

The Fratry project (which is detailed fully elsewhere on this website) is the key focus of our determination to bring more of these untold stories to life for all our visitors.

We offer tours tailored to the needs of the group using artefacts and role play to bring to life the stories of this magnificent building.

Some comments from organisers and youngsters:

 “Our visit was expertly pitched”

“A fantastic visit which was age appropriate”

“I feel inspired to go home and build the Cathedral out of Lego”  

“I loved dressing up and I loved hearing about the Canons falling asleep”

“ I didn’t know it was so beautiful in here”

“We thought it was great to hug a pillar that was nearly 900 years old!”

“The children were inspired by the art work throughout the Cathedral. They gained an insight into the purpose of the Cathedral as a place of worship”

“The children were actively engaged and loved dressing up and being allowed to explore the resources”

The main aim of the tours is to show the Cathedral as a place of worship from 12th century to the present day.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you to bring history alive for young, enquiring minds.

To arrange school tours please contact office@carlislecathedral.org.uk or ring 01228 548151.