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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Jesus said ‘I am the good shepherd’

Led by the Revd Canon Jan Kearton, (known as the Canon Warden) various people share in the care of both those who join the Cathedral community, and those who simply pass through.

As Jesus seemed to care for people in all sorts of situations, the Cathedral community aims to care for the wide range of people connected to or visiting the Cathedral and grounds.

Although we do not have a specific area of the City to serve (like other churches), our grounds and church are quite busy, especially since we are often the only church open every day.

Canon Jan oversees not only the care offered, but the training and encouragement of ministry throughout our community.

Ministry plays a central part of any church community. Every believer is called to play some part in God’s team, the Church: no matter what their age, strengths or weaknesses.

All baptised (christened) members are called to be  ‘ministers’ (channels) of God’s presence in their individual daily lives as well as with others in focussed working-parties.

To help each team however, through the centuries, a range of leadership roles has developed;

As well as serving in their daily lives, Carlisle Cathedral offers several opportunities to work together in united ministry: the Pastoral Team, the Pastoral Link Visitors, the Cathedral Sitting Service, the Hospital Visiting team, and the Pastoral Link Committee.