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Entrance Fees and Photography

Entrance Fees

Entry to the Cathedral is free, however, we receive no government funding and we are reliant on the generosity of our visitors, our congregation and supporters.

A £5 donation from each adult visitor would secure the future of this magnificent building and help us to welcome and inspire for generations to come. Whatever you give, we thank you for your support.
Don't forget, if you are a UK taxpayer, to use the Gift Aid option which will increase your donation at no extra cost.

Please note that for some events and exhibitions there may be an entrance fee. This will be noted on the event’s page and in the online calendar where relevant.

Photography / Filming in the Cathedral

We hope you will enjoy your visit to Carlisle Cathedral and take away some lasting memories and some equally memorable photographs.

Please follow these simple guidelines when you are in the Cathedral and the precinct:

  • Photographs must be for personal use.
  • Please respect the privacy of other visitors and do not take photographs of children.
  • Be respectful of those visiting the Cathedral for reflection and worship. We believe they should be able to do this undisturbed by cameras and smartphones
  • No photographs may be taken of the choir(s) at any time.
  • No photographs may be taken during services.
  • Please do not access areas which are closed off.
  • No tripods.

Please note, however, that the Cathedral is a place of worship and a working building so there are appropriate times and places for your snapshots. Please do not be offended if you are asked not to take photographs at a particular time.

  • Please do consider making a donation to support the Cathedral, either in cash or by card using our Donorpoint terminal (and don’t forget to Gift Aid it, if applicable)
  • Please do share your photos on social media and tag us!

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For visiting exhibitions there may be issues of copyright. Please refer to the signage in place regarding permission to photograph these exhibits.

Commercial photography

  • If you require a photograph for commercial use we can arrange for you to come on site at a convenient time to capture the images needed.
  • A permit must be arranged in advance for any photography for commercial use, both inside the cathedral and within the precinct, including for weddings, private and public events
  • Charges are considered on a case by case basis - please email details of your requirements to

To arrange a permit, or for advice on any aspect of photography and filming at Carlisle Cathedral please email