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Easter Eve - Easter Ceremonies and Confirmation

@ Carlisle Cathedral

Sung by the Senior Girls' Choir.



The most dramatic service of the whole of Holy Week takes place on Easter Eve at 7.30pm. It is already getting dark as we gather in the Cathedral where words and music speak of the God who made us and saves us. Then we all go outside to find a fire burning. From the fire, the Bishop lights the great Easter Candle which is carried into the Cathedral and, with all the other lights turned off, is a great symbol of Christ – the light of the world and of new life bursting from the tomb.

Great hymns and shouts of praise greet the good news that Christ is risen before we go on to celebrate the first Eucharist of Easter.

This is also the occasion when people who have been prepared for confirmation make their promises and receive the laying on a hands – a symbol of the gift of God’s Spirit given to them to equip them as disciples of Christ for the whole of their lives.


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